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Alcon - Replacement Brake Rotors - Nissan R35 GT-R

$1,029.00 $1,098.00

Front or Rear
Vehicle Year


SP Engineering is proud to offer Alcon HD brake rotors as an excellent aftermarket upgrade to the OEM brake system. Alcon engineered their rotors to work with your existing OEM center brake hats (new installation hardware included), so upgrading is easy. Additional information below:

  • Metallurgy: Unique cast iron alloy offers increased friction, wear resistance, and resistance to thermal shock and fatigue
  • Curved Vanes: Alcon Motorsport discs use a specific continuous curved vane construction that improves airflow and optimizes cooling
  • Grooved / Slotted: Alcon Motorsport discs feature "C" grooves which aids in improving initial bite, continuously refreshing the pad's friction surface and prevents the build-up of gas between the pad and disc surface. The design allows the disc to eliminate heat quickly so it is not transferred to the rest of your braking system resulting in consistent stopping power.
  • CBA Front Rotor Specs: 380 x 34mm
  • DBA Front Rotor Specs: 390 x 32.8mm
  • Rear Rotor Specs: 380 x 30mm