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Bride - There's a damn good reason why this company is popular among many racers and street guys. Bride seats and the rails they produce are not only comfortable, but often sit much lower than all of their competitors. Your girlfriend or wife may not always hug you, but these seats certainly will. "Holding Monster" is right in their branding. 

The Low-Max system utilized on many Bride seats brings the driver lower to the ground providing more head clearance (fitting inside with a helmet is a pain for some of us!) and helps move the vehicle weight lower to the ground. Another detail of Bride seats is that they're often more narrow than competitors on the market. If you're a big guy, look at their XL options or please contact us directly as based on your waist size - we can offer the correct seat for you. 

Lastly - Bride is the seat company that we most use here at SP Engineering. Both for customer cars and for our own. We have been working with both Bride Japan and Bride USA for almost two decades now and fully believe in the products they produce. 

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