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Infinity Plug & Play Jumper Harness for Ford Coyote Engine with Ford Racing Controls Pack

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AEM has released a Plug & Play Adapter Harness (AEM PN 30-3812) for its Infinity programmable standalone ECU for Ford 5.0L Coyote racing engines which are using the Ford Racing Controls Pack (FRCP). This harness allows for removal of the factory Ford ECM and installation of an Infinity standalone programmable ECU. It provides racers and engine builders who already have or plan to purchase an FRCP with the ability to quickly install the Infinity ECU on a Coyote engine (around 30 minutes), and retain full control of the engine's TI-VCT variable cam timing control and drive-by-wire. AEM's adapter harness also eliminates the restrictive factory mass airflow sensor (MAF) and airbox, making it an ideal harness solution for forced induction applications.
  • Allows for removal of the factory Ford ECM, installation of Infinity standalone programmable ECU
  • Adapter harness eliminates the restrictive factory MAF sensor and airbox, the better for use with forced induction applications
  • Infinity ECU delivers full control of all for of the Coyote's variable valve camshafts and drive-by-wire system
  • up to 64gm data logging capacity