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HKS Super Turbo Muffler - Infiniti Q50 VR30DDTT 2014+




- Deliver up to +6.9kW (+9PS) with muffler upgrade Full dual straight layout without tapering near catalyzer to bring high power engine performance. It adds up to 6.9kw (9ps) by only muffler replacement. The muffler is also designed for assuming future power tuning to bring out its potential performance.
- Combines comfort at usual use and sporty sound Optimized silencer and using a silent chamber achieves the comfort at the normal driving without spoiling the performance potential.

Certification No. JQR60206007
Main material SUS304
Diameter of tip 110 Left/Right exit
Diameter of main pipe 60.5 x 2
Close noise level Stock 78dB (Idle: 55dB)
Close noise level HKS 86dB (Idle: 61dB)
Minimum clearance from the ground after product installation: 131mm (Flange at the right side catalyzer)
Exhaust pipe minimum clearance from the ground (Measure point): 129mm (Flange at the right side catalyzer)