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AMS Performance Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit V2




Run E85 straight from the pump without having to worry about manually calculating your ethanol content percentage! With the Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit v2 you can run gasoline, E85, or any mixture of gas and ethanol with a content rating from 0 to 100% ethanol.

Our flex fuel system’s ethanol sensor and electronics instruct your vehicle’s ECU on how to adjust parameters like fueling, boost, and timing to produce the most power possible for a given fuel or mixture of fuels. These adjustments happen seamlessly in the background of your flex fuel tune allowing you to be flexible with what fuel you utilize in your Infiniti. This is a set-it-and-forget-it flex fuel system that requires no adjustment once installed and tuned. The complete kit includes the AMS Signal Converter, ethanol sensor, braided fuel lines, and hardware. This kit is also a direct plug and play with EcuTek software as AMS was part of the EcuTek flex fuel development program, so we’re uniquely familiar with flex fuel systems on the VR30 engine.

  • Full kit allows user to run any fuel or mixture of fuels from 93 octane to E85
  • Fully integrates with EcuTek ECU software for a seamless solution
  • Unique safety features allow for safety trips to be set, protecting your engine
  • Uses race grade AN fittings and aluminum quick connect fittings for easy install and leak-free operation
  • Utilizes all race grade black nylon coated E85 compatible -6AN braided hose
  • Stainless steel and CNC machined anodized aluminum brackets secure the kit from movement
  • Bolt-in install with no permanent modification to vehicle required
  • Exceptional Reliability Over the OEM Sensor
  • Fully Integrates with EcuTek Software
  • Bolt-In Install with Plug n’ Play Harness Included
  • Custom ECU calibration is necessary to run this kit as an automatic flex fuel system


                • 2017+ INFINITI Q60 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30
                • 2016+ INFINITI Q50 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30