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PERRIN Top Fuel Rail System 2002-2014 WRX/ 2008-2021 STI




The PERRIN Top Feed Fuel rails are desinged to deliver largo amounts of fuel equally to each cylinder. Consumers running big horsepower that require large injectors will notice the car runs smoother and is more powerful and tuners can safely push the engine closer to the edge. 

HIGH-FLOW & -6 Fittings

PERRIN High-Flow Fuel Rails incorporate large inside diameter channels for maximum fuel flow. This allows for cars to run 800 WHP without inconsistent fuel flow to each cylinder. we include custom made -6 barbed fitting with O-rings to ensure a proper connection to the hose. These fittings are removable allowing for easy customization of aftermarket fuel lines.

The equal flowing nature of PERRIN Fuel Rails allow your high powered Subaru to make power, safer. A must have for any car looking to exceed 400 horsepower. 

PERRIN High-Flow Fuel Rails split incoming fuel for equal fuel distribution, pressure and more consistent air fuel ration between all cylinders. The stock fuel rails route the fuel through the engine bay sequentially providing each injector with fuel. In modified Subarus , this drastically reduces fuel delivery to the last injector in line.