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J's Racing FX-PRO Full Titanium 70RS Exhaust - Honda Civic Type R FK8




Absolutely the lightest full titanium exhaust

This exhaust is a special order item from Japan. It is often not kept in stock at J's Racing's office in Osaka and will be built upon ordering. Expected wait time upon ordering is 4-12 weeks. Just as with many JDM companies, we deal directly with the manufacturer and not a third party. To make the purchase process simple, the price you see here includes shipping to your door. 


Maintaining its full straight structure (the signature of J’s Racing exhausts) for the maximum power gain, J’s Racing pursued a lightest imaginable exhaust with 1mm titanium alloy.

Manufactured by a use of three-dimensional bender, the exhaust pipe has beautiful curves which produce super smooth air flow with the optimal exhaust speed.  The popular dolphin tail boasts 114 mm diameter for a very impressive view.

In order to achieve both an excellent boost response and a superb acceleration at a higher rev range,  the main pipes are designed as 70 mm – 60mm x2 with only one silencer.   The heavy low pitched exhaust note from the turbo will excite you for a spirited driving. 


☆Material Titanium alloy

☆Structure 70mm – 60mm x 2  to  114mm x 2

☆Main pipe 1.0mm thick

☆Silencer & Tail 1.0mm thick

☆Specifically designed for the Civic Type R (FK8)

All sales are final with no returns accepted. Once we place this order with J's Racing in Japan and they begin building, we are unable to cancel our order. This is not a commonly ordered item and you can bet that you will be one of the very few with a J's Racing exhaust on your FK8. For this same reason, we do not want to have an exhaust sitting for months with us where there is a possibility it can be damaged while in storage.