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OS Giken TS Twin Plate Clutch -Nissan Z31 300ZX





  • Nissan 300ZX (Z31) -  VG30E Turbo

Included Components:

  • Twin Plate Clutch Assembly with Flywheel

Installation Notes:

  • Requires NS001-016K
  • Please consult installation guide

  • Requires OEM Pilot Bearing or Bushing

                                                The [TS2BD] - TS Twin PlateClutch Series line-up is the original technology used since the birth of OS Giken. This style of clutch has stood the test of time for good reason. It is capable of handling light to medium engine tuning. Most tuners will find this clutch suitable for their power figures. The stamped steel cover maintains a moderate pedal effort for the given capacity it can hold, while the heat-treated alloy clutch discs improve durability and maximize performance.

                                                The TS2BD was designed with Supercharged/Turbocharged engines in mind. This type of clutch will give great engine response possible while also handle a great amount of torque output. The clutch discs are 204mm in size and is good up to about 475 lbs ft. The TS2BD dampened clutches give some forgiveness to the transmission by absorbing drivetrain shock while providing reliability and strength under heavy abuse.The stamp steel cover allows for ease of engagement/disengagement and will handle the hard abuse found at the track.