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AEM EMS Series 2 - Toyota 93-97 Supra Non-Turbo

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Applications: TOYOTA: 93-97 Non-Turbo

The Series 2 EMS for Toyota, which replaces AEM's first generation EMS, represents a complete hardware redesign with greatly enhanced features, including a USB data port, 1MB of internal data logging, and 6 coil outputs. In addition, all Series 2 EMS systems come loaded with the company's new AEMTUNER software, a completely new user interface software which replaces AEMPRO. AEMTUNER is only available on Series 2 systems.

AEM Performance Electronics strives to continually evolve and improve their products, stated Director of Product Development John Romero. The Series 2 EMS represents significant improvements over their first generation systems in the areas of both hardware and software. If you liked the first EMS, you'll love Series 2 and AEMTUNER.

AEM's new AEMTUNER software is a complete software redesign and replaces AEMPRO. It includes many new features including a context sensitive tuning support system which significantly increases ease of tuning even for tuners who have never used AEM software. Visit for more details and overview videos.
- Plugs directly into the factory harness. No rewiring necessary.
- Maps can be password protected by the tuner to prevent unauthorized usage or sharing.
- Tune using new USB communication port or serial port.
- Compact enclosure for convenient mounting.
- 1MB of internal data logging.
- 6 coil outputs.
- Includes start up calibrations.
- Works with all AEM gauges.

- Support Pane gives tuners context sensitive help and uses tuners' actual calibrations to describe each function.
- Internal conflict detection notifies tuner if obvious errors exist in assignment of inputs/outputs.
- Compare Calibrations allows tuners to graphically compare tables and maps for easy analysis.
- Workspaces are easily customizable and configurable.
- Colored tables and maps.
- Auto-Conversion feature allows tuners to easily convert existing maps from Series 1 to Series 2 systems.

NOTE: AEM Series 2 EMS is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

AEM performance products are Engineered to Outperform. The company manufactures street and race performance products that are unmatched in performance, quality and value. AEM headquarters is located in Hawthorne, CA.