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AEM Infinity-6 Stand-Alone Programmable EMS

$1,506.92 $2,092.95



The Infinity 506 and Infinity 508 ECUs are affordable state-of-the-art engine control units designed for four- and six-cylinder racing engines (typically Infinity 506), and racing engines with up to 8 cylinders that are using high-impedance injectors (Infinity 508). A Powersports version is available for Polaris RZR 900, 1000 and XP Turbo applications (PN 30-7112). The Series 5 features a smaller footprint than the Infinity Series 7 at 5.855” x 5.55” x 1.8”, and has a single, weatherproof 80-pin connector.

Infinity ECU modules are designed for maximum flexibility across many types of applications. ECU modules and harnesses are sold separately for both Supported and Plug & Play applications. Choose the ideal Infinity ECU based on your application’s ignition and fuel injector output requirements using the Infinity Specifications Chart, and then choose between our available Plug & Play or Universal harnesses to create the Infinity solution that suits your specific needs.

Airflow model-based (VE) tuning eliminates lookup of many correction tables needed in previous generation ECUs. Flex-fuel and multi-fuel capability, on-board wideband air/fuel control, map switching and knock control are included. Engine protection strategies include coolant temp, oil temp, AFR vs. MAP, intake air temp, knock and fuel pressure. Programmable drive-by-wire, variable cam timing, boost control, nitrous control and traction control are included.

Data logging up to 64 GB via a removable USB drive is standard with logging rates up to 1 KHz per channel. The Infinity Series 5 is able to communicate with 3rd party dashes and loggers and is AEMnet enabled. All maps can be password protected. Its sealed enclosure and IP67-rated communications ports are suitable for engine bay mounting.


  • Airflow model based (VE) tuning
  • ECU Set Up Wizard simplifies start up
  • Flex Fuel compatible
  • Multi fuel capable
  • Drive by wire
  • Variable valve control
  • Multiple boost control strategies
  • Nitrous control
  • Map switching (on-the-fly)
  • Internal wideband UEGO air/fuel controller
  • Dual knock sensing circuits
  • Data logging up to 64 GB
  • Outputs to 3rd party dashes and loggers (via CAN bus only)
  • Industry leading transfer speed
  • Integrated engine protection strategies
  • Sealed enclosure and IP67-rated comms ports


  • Cylinders - Up to 6
  • High Impedence Injectors - Up to 6
  • Low Impedence Injectors - Up to 6
  • Coils (0-5V Falling Edge) - Up to 6
  • Digital Inputs - Up to 6
  • VR/Mag Inputs - Up to 4
  • Analog Voltage Inputs - Up to 9
  • Analog Temp Inputs - Up to 3
  • Knock Control - 2-Channel
  • On Board Wideband Air/Fuel Controllers - 1
  • Drive-By-Wire - Single
  • H-Bridge Channels - 1
  • High Side Outputs - 1
  • Low Side Outputs - 8
  • 4-Wire Stepper Motor Control - Yes
  • CAN Channels - 2
  • RS232 Channels - 1
  • Boost Control - Yes
  • Variable Cam Control - Up to 2
  • Engine Protection - Yes
  • Launch Control - Yes
  • Nitrous Control - Single Stage
  • Traction Control - Up to 2-Wheel Speed
  • Data Logging - Up to 64GB