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AEM Infinity Stand-Alone Engine Management System

$2,556.02 $3,550.03



So what if you race at the strip surrounded by corn? Who cares if the track’s seating is worse than a smaller school’s football stadium? There’s no reason you can’t use the same gear that the pros in the higher levels of motorsports use. The AEM Infinity Series of engine management systems offers unparalleled control at an affordable price.

The AEM Infinity Standalone Engine Management System packs supercharged computing power into a sealed unit suitable for engine bay mounting. With its 200 MHz, 32-bit processor with a special math co-processor, it can process 400 million instructions per second, giving you control of up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers and up to 12 ignition outputs.

The AEM Infinity also manages three analog temp inputs, 11 analog voltage inputs and seven digital inputs — the list of everything this engine management system tracks is impressive. You’ll have easy access to all that information through its IP67-rated connection system and high-speed USB data logging.

This unit gives you everything you need to tune your vehicle the best you can so you can dominate at any track, no matter how many lights and bleachers surround it.


  • Up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers
  • Up to 12 (0-5V) ignition outputs
  • 3 analog temp inputs (Additional 3 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 11 analog voltage inputs (Additional 6 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 7 digital inputs (Additional 1 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 4 VR/Mag differential pair inputs (Additional 2 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 12 configurable outputs (Additional 1 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • Variable cam control (up to 4 cams, application dependent)
  • Dual internal wideband controllers
  • 2 H-Bridge drivers for drive-by wire (Application dependent. Requires Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 32 Bit, 200MHz 400 MIPS primary microprocessor
  • 20 MHz auxiliary microprocessor
  • 6 L x 6 x 2 H (1.125 H w/o connectors)
  • 24 Ounces/680.4 Grams
  • 129 pin, fully-sealed IP67 spec ECU enclosure and connectors

AEM Infinity Ems Features : 

  • Compatible with most factory and performance aftermarket sensors
  • Includes start-up configurations (supported applications only)
  • ECU set up wizard
  • User interface features 3D graphics
  • Internal simulator
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed communications
  • Tune using USB communication port (optional weatherproof extension cable sold separately)
  • High-speed USB data logging to a mass storage device (4GB included, tested to 64GB)
  • Internal data logging playback mode on every channel, synchronized with all controls
  • AEMdata data analysis software included
  • 2-Channel CAN included
  • Runs on Windows-compatible software

AEM Infinity Ems Capabilities:

  • Airflow model-based calculations
  • Fuel control resolution to 1/10th of a microsecond (.0000001 sec)
  • Multi-fuel capable
  • Flex-fuel compensated fuel, ignition and boost with blend
  • Open-loop fuel pressure compensation
  • Ignition table, 20x20
  • VE airflow table, map vs. engine speed, 20x20
  • Configurable coil dwell (RPM, voltage and load-based)
  • Individual cylinder ignition trim (RPM-based)
  • Individual cylinder fuel trim (RPM-based)
  • 3D ignition trim maps (coolant and air temp)
  • VE-based engine startup
  • Real-time sensor diagnostics
  • Integrated engine protection strategies
  • Dual internal wideband controllers
  • Target Lambda table, 10x10
  • User adjustable-charge temperature blend (CLT/AIT, engine speed-dependent)
  • O2 lean-out protection
  • Electronic boost control (time-based or target based)
  • Idle control (stepper and pulsewidth)
  • Programmable traction control, 2-wheel speed or engine acceleration (4-wheel speed with Advanced Tuning Option)
  • 2-channel adaptive knock control
  • 2-step programmable launch control (3-step with Advanced Tuning Option)
  • No-lift shifting (Requires Advanced Tuning Option)
  • User-configurable soft-cut rev limiters
  • User-configurable anti-lag
  • Single-stage wet or dry nitrous control coming soon (3-stage with Advanced Tuning Option)
  • No-lift shift
  • 4-wheel speed traction control
  • 3-step launch control
  • Drive-by wire (application dependent)
  • 3-stage nitrous control