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Greddy Optional / Replacement Sirius Oil / Water Temperature Sensor and Harness set

$80.75 $85.00




Sirius Fluid Sensor and Harness Set allows the user to monitor Water (Coolant) Temperature or Oil Temperature of the engine.  Connect the 1/8 BPT sensor via a Water Temp adapter, Oil Block Adapter (or another source) to the cooling or oil system.  Then connect the temperature sensor harness to a Sirius Control Unit to allow the Sirius Vision to access and display temperature readings of the engine.

* A GReddy Sirius Control Unit is required for Sirius Meter, Vision & Unify sets.

    For use with Greddy Vision display (sold separately)

      GReddy Sirius (Analog) Meters: (sold separately) Replacement

      and GReddy Sirius Unify sets: (sold separately)
            1x Sirius Vision + 1x Sirius (Analog) Meter:

      Optional Sensor sets: (sold separately)