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Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Cooling Kit




From the factory, your GT-R’s engine and transmission share the same inadequate cooling system.  Thus, prolonged street abuse or even short stints in racing conditions cause components in the engine and transmission to overheat. 


  • The most complete and comprehensive cooling package available
  • Upgrades every cooling system on your GT-R
  • Dual pass radiator for ultimate efficiency
  • Laminova, high volume, liquid-to-liquid, transmission cooler
  • Additional engine oil cooler while maintaining a windshield wiper fluid reservoir
  • 2 configurations for light or heavy track use
  • All components work together to yield maximum results
  • OEM fitment and quality components
  • Allows you to stay on track longer than ever before

Standard System Includes: 

  • AMS designed, Griffin built dual pass radiator
  • Laminova liquid to liquid transmission cooler
  • Setrab engine oil cooler with built in windshield wiper reservoir
  • Aluminum shroud
  • Billet adapter fittings
  • Heat shielding on lines and hoses
  • All necessary lines, hoses, gaskets, clamps and hardware for a hassle free installation
  • Detailed installation instructions

Race Version Includes:

  • Additional air to liquid Setrab oil cooler
  • Urethane shroud
  • Lines and mounting hardware