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Bride Stradia II Reims - Low Max System + Low Cushion (FRP)




A reclining sport seat featuring accent colors which are luxurious and sporty while also having a balance between hold performance and ease of boarding/exiting

STRADIA II REIMS is an high quality reclining sport seat which uses the STRADIA II SPORT as a base and uses high-class faux-suede fabric as a full cover all the way to the rear side of the seat.

With the steel frame and silver FRP shell as a base, we coordinated the accent line colors of the logo, shoulder part, and seat back part. It is finished with a high-class faux-suede and smart sewing line & double stitch.

Seats are sold individually. 

SP Engineering is an authorized distributor of Bride products. You can be assured that when you purchase with us, you are buying REAL Bride products and not imitations. Imitations should be avoided due to serious safety concerns.