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Bride Vios III Sport-C




The basic model EXAS III SPORT-C fixed bucket seat has a compact design and is tailored with an FRP black shell and special fabric.

The EXAS III SPORT-C features a design with the shoulder support part, which takes up the most width, as compact as possible to make it installable even in small car models with tight interiors such as light cars. 
It is a basic model that uses a special fabric for its seat material and an FRP black shell. This model features a simple and stoic taste using a white logo on its seat with black fabric and FRP black shell.The thigh region isn't equipped with two-piece polyurethane, but because it has the same basic design as the ZETA III racing comfort model which is tuned with all motorsports in mind, this model features high holdability with an affordable price.

Seats are sold individually. 

SP Engineering is an authorized distributor of Bride products. You can be assured that when you purchase with us, you are buying REAL Bride products and not imitations. Imitations should be avoided due to serious safety concerns.