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GReddy RB26 (Single Throttle) Surge Tank Kit





GReddy Intake Plenums are designed to maximize performance in highly tuned engines. The single throttle body surge tank conversion for the (R32 / R33 / R34) RB26 puts an emphasis on a balance of high power and mid-range torque. The kit features a large 90mm throttle-body and a 4.1L surge tank, that is 121% larger than the OEM piece. For extra rigidity during high boost applications, it uses thick 3mm formed metal tank that is welded to a precision machined, grooved base plate, with six individual, internal velocity-stacks. Between each connection are carefully designed and manufactured sealing rings. The CNC machined primary runners are sized for optimal efficiency. The kit comes anodized to provide a durable, scratch and rust resistant finish.

Testing on a high-powered 958hp/663ft-lb R32 GT-R showed a substantial increased in power throughout the RPM range to 1023hp/697ft-lbs


Skyline (BNR32 / BCNR33 / BNR34) GT-R Single Throttle Kit includes:


  • Collector Surge Tank Size is 4.1l(VS Normal121%)
  • Surge tank, base plate come pre-welded
  • Tuned internal velocity stacks on each runner for increased efficiency
  • CNC machined inlet runners  L90㎜, Pipe Size φ58-45(tapered)
  • Throttle-body hose diameter φ100mm, internal butterfly φ90mm, with low-profile throttle shaft
  • Specially designed and manufactured O-ring style gasket provide superior sealing for each runner
  • Compatible with OEM AAC valve and TPS throttle position sensor


*For competition (Race) use ONLY. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.