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Injector Dynamics ID1300cc Injectors - Nissan R35 GT-R




Injector Dynamics is one of the absolute best injector companies in the industry which is exactly why we exclusively use their products on all of our customer's cars. Spray pattern and consistency of the injector is important when tuning a car for both power and every day driving. A poor injector will lead to detonation and often poor idling . 

The ID1300cc injectors are the perfect size for those looking to do an E85 setup or utilize aftermarket turbos on their Nissan GT-R. Often you might see the use of 1050cc or 1000cc injectors for the mentioned setups, but you will be maxing the injectors out on such setups. We know this simply because before the ID1300cc were released, we had to make due with 1050cc setups. 

If you have any questions regarding these injectors for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

PnP clips are required for ease of installation  as a true "drop in" setup on the VR38DETT engine. Please only select to purchase without in the case that your engine builder / tuner specifically mentioned so.