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KW Suspension HLS 2 with V3 Coilovers (Front) - Porsche 911 (997) Carrera 4/4S; Coupe and Convertible 06-12




Lowering Adjustment Range
Front in mm: 25-45
Rear in mm: 10-40
Front in inches: 1.0-1.8
Rear in inches: 0.4-1.6


KW Suspensions HLS 2 with V3 Coilovers

- Customized Suspension Lowering
- Composite Spring Seat
- Trapezoidal Thread
- Inox Line Stainless Steel
- Hydraulic Elevation
- Rebound / Compression Adjustable KW V3 Coilovers
- The HLS 2 lift system is only installed on the front axle.

Due to the low center of gravity many super cars have less ground clearance. In order to be able to drive over speed bumps or steep ramps in parking garages without any problems, we have developed the KW Hydraulic Lift System. At the touch of a button the HLS system lifts vehicles by up to 45 millimeters allowing obstacles to be negotiated without a problem. Compatible with our KW coilover suspension or with the original suspension depending on vehicle type and application.

KW HLS Lift Kit - Ride height adjustability with more ground clearance at the push of a button

With the KW HLS lift system you can lift your sports car or lowered vehicle to safely negotiate obstacles such as speed bumps, railroad crossings, road construction, garage approaches and underground car parks. Depending on the version of the HLS lift system your vehicle can be hydraulically lifted either at the front axle or at both axles by up to 45 mm. This prevents accidental damage to your aero components, underbody protection or even oil sump.