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Recaro Japan SR-6 KK100S SEAT


Black x Black
Red x Red


The RECARO SR-6 belongs to the RECARO SR sports seat line-up that currently consists of 3 models, the SR-6, SR-7 and SR-11. All of them have the same seat structure, but each of these 3 models have a different approach:

The RECARO SR-6 is the model focusing on performance and sporty driving feeling. The SR-7 offers both sporty and comfortable driving, whereas the SR-11 focuses more on driving comfort. Each seat shape and the hardness of the urethane pad in each seat differ from the other.

The backrest of RECARO SR -6 is shaped that way that it supports the whole body and delivers a feeling like sitting in a full bucket seat with a rather hard urethane pad. Its shoulder support part is larger in order to guarantee a stable sitting position and to support the driver’s steering operations.

Furthermore, the RECARO SR-6 has been developed that way, that it offers not only a high sports performance but as well a high collision safety performa