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RevoZport RHZ Body Kit: McLaren MP4-12C

$15,900.00 $16,800.00

M 12C 2 RHZ K990


In 2013, we received one of the first McLaren MP4-12Cs in the United States. Right off the bat, we knew some changes had to be made, and RevoZport was right there to work with us in designing a body kit aggressive enough to match the performance of the car. From this was born the McLaren RHZ body kit. 

One of the biggest issues many MP4-12C owners find is that the car simply looks too nice. Please take a short minute to look at the pictures and ask yourself if the McLaren in those pictures looks like it's out to make friends with a Miata. 

Complete RHZ kit includes the following: 
RHZ Front Bumper
RHZ Front Bumper Canards
RHZ Side Skirts
RHZ Rear Air Brake
RHZ Rear Diffuser

If you have interest in only a specific item, please contact us for individual pricing. 

Unlike most retailers of RevoZport products, we have worked directly with RevoZport in the R&D of many of their designs and of course, we have installed their products ourselves. 
RevoZport stands with the best in the world of aero parts manufacturers when it comes to fit, finish and design. 

M 12C 2 RHZ K990