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RevoZport RZ Lightweight Vented Bonnet : Nissan R35 GT-R

$3,135.00 $3,300.00

N R35 2 RZ0 A200


Available for both 2007 – 2012 models
This lightweight bonnet is constructed by a sandwich construction of carbon composite aramid material by vacuum infusion process, this provide the necessary structural integrity and weight savings. When the car travels at speed, the wind travels through the surface of the bonnet creating a drag and extra heat, the vent outlets are designed to extract heat from the engine. This is the perfect solution for tuned engine that needs to tackle the extra heat.

The RevoZport hood helps vent out the extreme heat inside the engine bay. The hood now comes with rain tray for normal use to avoid water seeping directly into the engine area.

Unlike most retailers of RevoZport products, we have worked directly with RevoZport in the R&D of many of their designs and of course, we have installed their products ourselves. 
RevoZport stands with the best in the world of aero parts manufacturers when it comes to fit, finish and design. 

N R35 2 RZ0 A200