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SPL Front Camber/Caster Arms: Nissan R35 GT-R 2009+

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SPL front upper arms are designed with dual chassis mount adjusters providing camber and caster adjustment while remaining fully attached to the car.  The revolutionary slotted arm design does away with the need for bulky and hard to reach jam nuts.  Simply turn the hex cap double adjusters to set the arms to their desired length and then lock your alignment settings in place with an allen wrench. The time saved on the alignment rack can be spent in the drivers seat!  The fully encapsulated spherical bearing that mounts to the upright provides superior strength and negates the worry of rod end bending commonly found in other designs.

Made in the USA.

SPL Front Camber Arms Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum, titanium, and chromoly construction
  • Electroless nickel plated 4130 hybrid adjuster for quick adjustment
  • Computer Aided Design with the aid of Finite Element Analysis
  • Titanium socket head caps screws anodized blue
  • Low friction 3/4" 3-piece Teflon lined FK rod ends and sphericals
  • Black anodizing for a durable finish

Adjustment ranges:  On a 2010 GT-R test car that was lowered 1 inch we were able to get to -5 degrees of camber at 5.9 degrees of caster.  At -4 degrees of negative camber we could reach 8 degrees of caster and at -3.5 degrees of camber we could get to 7.7 degrees of caster.  Camber correction was measured at 0 degrees of camber at 5.8 degrees of caster.