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Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels: BMW


Carbon Graphite
Titanium Machine


Vorsteiner V-FF 107 Wheels for BMW vehicles. Wheels are produced using Vorsteiner's latest flow form technology for a superb combination of strength and lightness. 

Wheels come in a complete set (4) wheels

Aftermarket lug bolts and lug nuts are available in our Wheel Accessories page. 

BMW X5 - Front: 22x10.5 et35 Rear: 22x10.5 et35
BMW F3X 3 Series - Front: 19x8.5 et30  Rear: 19x10 et45
                                  Front: 20x8.5 et 30 Rear: 20x10 et45
BMW M2 - Front: 19x9.0 et21 Rear: 20x10.0 et42
BMW F8X M3 | M4 - Front: 19x9.5 et22 Rear: 19x10.5 et34
                                  Front: 20x9.5 et22 Rear: 20x10.5 et34
BMW G30 5 Series - Front: 20x9.0 et25 Rear: 20x10.0 et30
BMW F10 5 Series - Front: 20x9.0 et30 Rear: 20x10.5 et40
BMW F12 6 Series - Front: 19x8.5 et30 Rear: 19x10.0 et45
                                  Front: 20x9.0 et30 Rear: 20x10.5 et40
BMW G12 7 Series - Front: 22x9.0 et28 Rear: 22x10.5 et35