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Vorsteiner V-FF 110 Wheels - Nissan GT-R Fitment




The newest wheel to come from Vorsteiner in 2018 is the Vorsteiner V-FF 110! This wheel is the biggest evolution to date for the flow forged line of wheels from Vorsteiner. A whole new design approach was taken in the creation of the 110 to both decrease weight while improving upon strength. 

The wheel design incorporates center cuts in the center of the wheel in precise positions that not only allow for lowering the wheel's weight, but also allows the wheel to employ a thinner spoke design. With all this weight loss, most may be worried about the integrity of the wheel, but there is no need for such thoughts. Testing has shown the V-FF 110 to be the strongest wheel to date in the flow forged lineup. 

In the past, our customers have had great success running Vorsteiner wheels both on the street and the track. At the price point, there is no better option for a lightweight one piece wheel. 

All current orders will place you on our pre-order list. We ordered the first 10 sets of V-FF 110 wheels for the Nissan GT-R. Shipment is expected to land in late May to mid June 2018. After this initial production, there will be a 3 month delay until the next production cycle finishes. 

Nissan R35 GT-R Sizing
Front Size: 5x114 20x10 +35
Rear Size: 5x114 20x12 +20

Color: Carbon Graphite

Price is for a complete set of four wheels. 
Free shipping OR free installation for local pickup.