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Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid

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When you compare boiling points, they are mostly the same. What separates high quality brake fluids from all others is the ability to maintain their dry boiling point. Endless RF-650 fluid is widely known as one with the best stability and longevity. Multiple flushing per season are now a thing of the past. Some race teams using RF-650 have even neglected to bleed after a few raced with stellar results. Another feature that sets RF-650 apart from the rest is its superior compressibility characteristics. RF-650 will compress much less than the competition. This provides a much stiffer and consistent brake pedal. It's for these reasons that Endless RF-650 fluid is OE on all Porsche race cars (GT3 Cup, GT3 Cup S, GT3 RSR) and is supplied to the winning-est team thus far in the 2009 Formula One season, Brawn GP. Boiling Points: Dry: 328C Wet: 218C