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Endless Racing 2 PC. Curve Slit Rotors- Mazda RX-7 w/17" Wheel 93-95

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Used in actual races including the Super GT which is in the top categories of the nation, the racing spec brake rotor created through repeated research and development is “BRAKE ROTR Racing”. Adopting a 2 piece type which differentiates the rotor and bell housing, we combine special carbon for the rotor material with our unique technology. As a result, it is crack resistant, enabling a stable friction coefficient and succeeding in sufficiently extracting the brake pad performance. We also used duralumin, which is heat resistant and strong, for the bell housing part. It realizes a reduced unsprung weight while also contributing to stable brake force. ※The fastening of the bell housing and the disk of the front 2 piece rotor is a fixed type. (Floating specifications are treated as special orders. (Excluding R35GT-R))


Rotors are sold individually!! Front Rotors Only