WING shape single type (single wing)

WING Width 1390mm
WING Height 195mm
WING Fixed Trunk Side Mount 
WING Material WET Carbon

★ Safety standard compliant product
★ Super Taikyu officially designated parts

15 stages (5 x 3) angle adjustment & height adjustment are possible, wide range regardless of stage The setting is possible.

This product is designed with consideration for drag (resistance) reduction by adopting a single flap, and focuses on the generation of downforce in the medium and high speed range.

Therefore, it is effective for high-speed circuits such as Suzuka Circuit and Fuji Speedway.

It is a special part born from participating in the race.

(Usage record)
2003y Super Taikyu Series
★ ACID Eishinkan YHS2000
★ DUNLOP S2000
★ Kumho Exta S2000 
Speed ​​DL 2000