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J's Racing Rear Roll Center Adjuster (20mm): 99-03 S2000 (AP1)

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Ball joint S45C 
Ball stud SCM435 HB195-260 Swing angle all around 39 °
20mm extension type

S2000 Special parts that can be changed to the ideal geometry by modifying the roll center are now available.

The lower arm angle of the S2000, which has been lowered, has an inverted C shape, and the roll center point is too low.
When the center of gravity of the vehicle and the roll center are separated, the amount of roll increases and the cornering force is sacrificed.
The suspension stroke is also reduced to lower the limit.

By installing the J'S RACING roll center adjuster, the lowered roll center can be corrected to the ideal position (the distance between the center of gravity of the vehicle and the roll center is corrected to a short position), and the ideal suspension geometry is realized.

[Installation effect]

★ Reduced roll amount
★ Improved tire contact feeling
★ Improved steering responsiveness
★ Increased cornering force

Super endurance, special parts born from time attack participation know-how can
be used regardless of stage from street to circuit I will.