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J's Racing SPL Rear Pillar Bar: 02-06 RSX (DC5)

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Among the rigidity-up parts, the pillar bar is extremely popular. It is a reinforcement part of the opening of the rear gate, which is a weak point of the hatchback car.

Changed from the conventional shaft diameter of 20φ to 25φ for further rigidity. In the rigidity test, the strength has been increased by 128% (our bending test value).

Even if the diameter is increased, the hollow ratio is also increased, so the weight is the same as the conventional product!

SPL gold baking finish is applied, which is resistant to rust and improves the strength of the painted surface.

[Main shaft diameter: 25φ]
● It can be bolted on to the rear seat belt without any interior processing.

● Can be installed on is and type S.
Warnings / Precautions
25φ shaft
is / TYPE-S can be installed