It is the latest geometry part developed by J'S RACING who knows S2000 thoroughly.

Due to the eccentric structure of the ball joint at the bottom of the knuckle, a negative camber on the front can be attached. It is possible to solve the camber shortage when driving on the circuit and to efficiently ground the tires when cornering. By raising the limit, you can improve the cornering speed and greatly contribute to the time up.

As a new function, a roll center adjuster function has also been added for hard users.

By increasing the thickness by 9 mm from the genuine height, the arm angle when the vehicle height is lowered is adjusted appropriately, and various effects such as improved handling and stabilization of the cornering limit are brought about. This product alone can perform geometry correction that was not possible with the conventional product without the addition of a roll center adjuster plate.

Furthermore, by adding an optional roll center adjuster plate, it is possible to adjust the roll center according to the vehicle height. A wide range of geometry settings have been achieved.

Supports a wide range from streets to circuits.

It is an essential part for S2000 sports driving.

Adjustment range (camber) 3 ° to 5 ° (varies depending on vehicle height)

Recommended for vehicles with an appropriate vehicle height of about 30 mm or more.

Camber joint x 2
Clip x 2
Castle nut x 2

(Bracket specifications) Forged aluminum 6061, surface red alumite, J'S RACING laser engraved

(Ball joint specifications) S45C

(Ball stud specification) SCM435 HB195-260 Swing angle 33 ° all around