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J's Racing Tsuchinoko Air Intake System: 99-03 S2000 (AP1)

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Style: Non Type-S Bumper


The dedicated duct for AP1 forcibly introduces fresh air from the bumper opening to increase the air density.

The adoption of a chamber shape improves filling efficiency and contributes to improved response.

It is a gem that maximizes the potential of AP1.

* Includes mounting short parts and one dedicated air filter

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● Compatible with normal bumpers / Type-S bumper

Warnings / Precautions:

The product has holes for drainage, but please avoid sports driving in heavy wet conditions as much as possible.

* May interfere with strut tower bars made by other companies.
(Our tower bar does not interfere)
* Part of the normal bonnet and our TYPE-S bonnet need to be cut on the back side
* Our TYPE-V bonnet can be installed without processing
* Part of the normal bumper duct needs to be cut (this product) No need to cut if the side is processed)
* Normal radiator shroud processing required.
* Secondary air and blow-by return pipeless specifications can be
ordered (please specify when ordering)
* The black performance rod on the back of the beam
must be removed when installing the Tsuchinoko chamber .