Special parts that are attached to both ends of the front bumper to dramatically improve cornering speed. 

Canards, which are becoming common sense in motor sports such as GT, are also effective in improving the traction of front-wheel drive vehicles.

Especially for vehicles equipped with GT wings, the rear downforce becomes stronger and the balance becomes unbalanced, so it is essential to supplement the front downforce with this canard.

Since the canard wing is made of CFRP and the stay part is made of aluminum plate, it has a strong structure that is very light and can withstand strong downforce.

Dedicated stainless bolts and nuts are included

It is an indispensable item for those who want to win against rivals in corners, such as time-up on circuit driving.

Warnings / Precautions:

Dedicated stainless bolts and nuts included.

* Bumper needs tobe drilled *

Depending on the mounting position and angle, it may be necessary to scrape or cut the inside (body side) of the product according to the vehicle body.