The DC5 dedicated air intake system, which boasts the world's highest specifications and has spent one year in development, is finally here.

Succeeded in taking in the largest fresh air in the bolt-on type air intake market.
As a result of carefully designing the duct shape and BOX shape, we were able to reliably secure power that exceeds the level of experience without sacrificing operability and comfort.

[Intake structure]

We succeeded in taking in fresh air directly by the air intake panel using the left part of the bumper grill.

Fresh air is taken into the main duct without escaping from the same intake route as the genuine one. In addition, it is possible to double-take in even the air that has escaped to the upper part of the grill and the lower part of the bonnet by installing a sub-duct.

The main duct part not only takes in air using ram pressure, but also the duct itself that adopts the NASA duct shape actively takes in air, demonstrating the Venturi effect. It is shaped to increase the suction flow rate even when stationary.

Of course, the genuine bonnet stay battery can be used as it is.

[Chamber BOX structure] The

chamber BOX part eliminates cross-sectional resistance so that a large amount of intake air is distributed over the entire surface of the filter, ensuring a large capacity of 8000cc. The filter also uses a large-capacity filter that uses a special cotton material.

(1) Air sucked from the duct flows in from the top of the BOX.

(2) If it spreads to the rear as it is, it will flow into the lower part behind the BOX without resistance due to the R-shaped side surface.

(3) As a result, we are particular about the interior so that air can be distributed over the entire area of ​​the BOX.

Of course, even if rainwater gets in, there is no chance that water will collect because it has a drain hole.

[Component parts]

-Dedicated air intake panel (FRP)
-Dedicated air intake duct (carbon)
-Dedicated air chamber BOX (FRP)
-Dedicated filter variant joint (FRP)
-Vibration absorption type rubber mount bolt
-Each self-locking nut-bolt・ Includes tapping screws and gap tape
If the filter becomes dirty, it can be reused with the optional cleaning kit.
In addition, a replacement filter is also set, so please be assured of the after-sales aspect.
Warnings / Precautions
Applicable model: Compatible with all DC5 models regardless of the first half or the second half (TYPE-R)
Applicable bumper: Compatible with genuine bumpers and TYPE-S aero bumpers

* Due to the structure of DC5, the engine moves back and forth when starting and running sports.

We have conducted clearance design and running tests with this in mind, but we recommend that you use an engine torque damper together to prevent large movements.

Also, when installing this product, check for any abnormalities in the engine mount before installing this product.

For vehicles that have been replaced with bonnets with ducts, etc., it is necessary to cut the interference part of the bonnet because there is a risk of interference with the duct part due to the structure that prioritizes suction.

Normal and normal shape bonnets can be installed without interference.