large-capacity chamber is provided to maximize the small engine room space, and by storing the filter part inside the bumper, it is possible to always take in fresh air without inhaling the hot air in the engine room. (Compatible with genuine bumper suction port) Bythis method, the inside of the bumper becomes a large-capacity intake box.

Designed so that rain that you care about does not come into direct contact with the filter due to the special partition shape. It has also cleared the driving test in rainy weather with a lot of rainfall.

[Dynapac test]

We performed a power check in the order of normal, external air cleaner, and Tsuchinoko chamber. All are the same vehicle and the engine is normal. At this time, the performance test of the chamber body was carried out without sending the fan wind to the intake side. Please pay attention to the dramatic improvement in torque as well as power. In addition, the Tsuchinoko chamber, which greatly affects the running wind, promises to improve power and torque beyond the data by running.

Set contents: Chamber body, dedicated partition plate, filter joint, dedicated air filter, hoses, J'S RACING gold emblem, each joint / band / bolts, installation instructions included

Warnings / Precautions:

* Compatible with CBA-GD3 / 4 1.5MT vehicles. Other models cannot be installed.
Please purchase a special product for CVT vehicles.

Available in CFRP or FRP.