The genuine intake system has various resistances and cannot take in enough air.

The Tsuchinoko air intake system developed exclusively for the GE Fit RS ensures that fresh air is taken in from inside the bumper. Furthermore, by increasing the capacity of the air cleaner BOX body, we were able to greatly improve power and torque.
Developed using Dynapac to improve performance even in the absence of ram pressure due to running wind. Since a part of the genuine air cleaner BOX is used, a genuine or genuine air cleaner can be used.

In addition, an air intake duct exclusively for RS bumpers has been set as an option. By using it together, it is possible to avoid inhaling hot air from the engine room and to increase the power by the effect of introducing ram pressure by the running wind.

● It can be installed on GE8 RS MT vehicles regardless of the first half or the second half.

● Material
Plain weave carbon FRP / Clear black gel coat finish

[Set contents]
Tsuchinoko air intake system body (uses left and right genuine lock pins, with front spring tensioner and SUS ductigen hook attached), elbow hose (made of silicon, with J'S RACING logo), 50φ metal duct hose for air intake, tie wrap for fixing duct, bolt & locknut set, Tsuchinoko Air intake system dedicated print stick sticker After installation, the duct hose is fixed inside the bumper. It is also recommended to remove the bumper cover and fix the hose, but in the case of a car equipped with RS genuine bumper, the dedicated air intake duct set as an option can further improve the intake efficiency and enhance the looks. For vehicles equipped with our type S bumper, please use the dedicated air intake duct (under development).

[Dynapac data]
The image in the 4th row is based on the test of our Dynapac.
Normal …… 111.1PS 14.2kg-m
Tsuchinoko Air Intake System …… 115.5PS 14.7kg-m

Test vehicle: GE8 Fit RS 5MT Intake and
exhaust specifications: With catalyst ・ Titanium FX50C / 50R ・ SPL Big throttle ・ MAXFLOW ・ Hyper ECU (high octane) specification)

Warnings / Precautions

* Compatible model: GE8 early / late 5 / 6MT
* Recommended for installation at professional shops.
*Please use a genuine filter or our MAXFLOW air filter (product number: MAF-F3-600) as the air filter.

Available in CFRP or FRP.