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New model of SUS exhaust is now available!

The acclaimed C304 SUS exhaust has evolved further. "Titanium coating" has been applied to the conventional stainless steel coloring to dramatically improve beauty and durability. In addition, the silencer structure was revised to showcase a more sharpened exhaust note.

This is a stainless steel muffler that showcases the exhaust development technology for many years and outputs a reliable response and power gain. The main pipe diameter is 60φ and the silencer has a straight structure according to the engine characteristics, so that the VTEC engine can be felt comfortably without sacrificing the low speed range and focusing on the middle and high speed ranges.

High-pitched sound quality peculiar to stainless steel, featuring a smooth and comfortable sound unique to a straight structure. The moment you enter VTEC, the high notes that can be played enhancing the uplifting feeling.

Main pipe uses SUS304 t=1.2, silencer t=1.0. By using a flange that is as thin as possible, the stay has a hollow structure for a lightweight finish. By reducing the weight to the limit, it is possible to further improve the athletic performance during sports driving and to dramatically increase the potential of the car along with the power up.