New model of SUS exhaust is now available!

The acclaimed C304 SUS exhaust has evolved further. "Titanium coating" has been applied to the conventional stainless steel coloring to dramatically improve beauty and durability. In addition, the silencer structure was reviewed to showcase a more sharpened exhaust note.

It is the ultimate exhaust that pursues high power and high response by feeding back the exhaust development technology for many years. The main pipe diameter is 70φ and the original performance of the K20A is brought out by replacing the catalytic converter.

 Also compatible with TODA HiCam, 2.2L, 2.4L and other universal high tune E/G.

 Main pipe uses SUS304 t=1.2, silencer t=1.0. By using a flange that is as thin as possible, the stay has a hollow structure for a lightweight finish. By reducing the weight to the limit, it is possible to further improve the athletic performance during sports driving and to dramatically increase the potential of the car along with the power up.

Material: SUS304
Main pipe diameter: 70φ