Your shifter is one of the most touched components in your vehicle and if your car or truck has been around the block a few times, that shifter is probably looking a little rough. Between UV damage, heat from the transmission, freezing cold, all the crumbs you forgot to vacuum out after your last road trip, and constant flexing from shifting, your old shift boot takes a beating. If it’s faded, cracked, or straight up missing, Mishimoto has the solution to restore one of the most touched parts of your car or truck.----Our Mishimoto shift boot kit includes our universal shift boot and shift boot retainer. Our shift boot is constructed from high-quality fabric with a classic pattern for a timeless look in any vehicle. The universal design of our shift boot fits most vehicles with shifter rods that are less than 8 inches long while the shift boot retainer threads onto M12x1.25 rods.----The Mishimoto shift boot retainer bridges the gap between your aftermarket shift knob and the Mishimoto shift boot, leaving your interior looking immaculate. CNC-machined from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum, this retainer is available in anodized black, blue, neo-chrome, red, and silver to perfectly match your style. Like all our products, this Mishimoto universal shift boot kit is covered by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, so you can keep your shifter looking new as long as you own the vehicle.