MoTeC PnP ECU: Nissan R35 GT-R 2009+

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MoTeC is proud to officially release their new PNP ECU kit for Nissan GT-R’s. The new PNP ECU kit is a fully programmable unit that replaces the factory ECU with no re-wiring necessary. It plugs straight into the factory ECU location and retains all the original sensors and fuel systems. All essential Original Equipment (OE) functions are maintained, including dashboard, VDC traction control and gearbox systems. 

While many standard components in the Nissan R35 GT-R may be replaced to achieve better performance, some combinations are more likely to deliver improvements with minimal retuning of the MoTeC ECU. 

In general, factory fuel injection components will be suitable for improved performance, however, when the capabilities of these parts reach their limits, e.g, inadequate injector flow, it is necessary to replace them with higher performance alternatives. 

It is MoTeC’s recommendation that components are chosen from our list of suitable options when selecting alternate parts. 

Kit Contents: 

• MoTeC M150 ECU with Level 2 Data Logging and 250MB memory 
• Nissan R35 GT-R Adaptor Kit (LHD or RHD) 
• Nissan R35 GT-R Adaptor Box 
• Nissan R35 GT-R Breakout Loom 
• M1 Adaptor Stub Looms 
• Network Cable RJ45 
• LTCD-NTK Dual Lambda to CAN Module 
• Delco Air Temperature Sensor 
• Fastening Velcro 


• Intelligent next generation engine control 
• Quick PNP installation 
• Easy tuning with MoTec’s M1 Tune software 
• Full integration with factory systems 
• Full cruise control capability 
• Torque limiting delivered via throttle and ignition control 
• Integrated fully tuneable DSP knock control on individual cylinders 
• M1 Level 2 Data Logging with 250MB memory 
• Tuneable individual bank closed loop Lambda control 
• Boost control integrated with torque control system 
• Launch control integrated with torque control system – torque and engine speed limits can be defined for launch 
• Launch sequence builds boost prior to launch – critical with large turbocahrgers 
• Additional 10 position switch for VDC gain – adjusts severity of VDC events 
• Additional 2 position switch for switching maps: boost aim, engine speed limit, fuel mixture aim, ignition timing, throttle pedal translation 
• Data analysis via i2 software 
• External fuel pump output for closed loop fuel pressure control 
• Sensor fallback – if a sensor fails (e.g. MAP) alternate load sensors are used 
• Additional sensors may be added via the breakout connector