Key features/benefits are:

  • Attracts harmful metallic particles in engine oil
  • Heat-resistant neodymium magnet maintains stable magnetic force even in high heat inside the engine
  • Aluminum light alloy material construction
  • High-grade alumite finish to improve aesthetics/corrosion resistance
  • Safety benefit - insert structure prevents the magnets from interfering with the internal parts of the engine

 Dimensions and Recommendations are:

  • M12 x P1.25
  • Under head length thread length – 20mm
  • Width across flats mm – 17 HEX
  • Recommended tightening torque: 6.61 - 8.82 (lbf)
  • Fits most Nissan models including 350Z, 370Z, Altima, Maxima and Sentra

 Please check the size and shape of the drain bolt of the current model when purchasing

 Fits R35 GT-R (2009 - 2020)