P2M competition steering wheel is specifically designed to offer superior steering feel and grip performance for street/track and full race vehicles.


- 340mm edge to edge diameter. We find this size to be a perfect in between size for both street and track use

- 30mm steering wheel grip allows a firm grip around the steering wheel even with gloves on. A thick grip is good for daily driven vehicles but on the track with gloves on can be a bit bulky to grasp the steering wheel especially during sharp turns and/or drifting. Maneuvering the steering wheel with a too thick grip steering wheel can also be compromised. Our 30mm grip size also offer superior road sensitivity for you to "feel" the road condition while driving giving driver a good driving feedback on the street or track

- High strength 4mm matte anodized black center girdle offers superior rigidity and no flex under harsh driving conditions

- 6 bolt 6x70 steering wheel center PCD pattern

- Deep corn design offers 60mm of curvature great for long arms tall drivers that is looking to keep steering wheel closer in control towards their chest with seat moved all the way back. Helps to minimize the distance even more by installing a steering wheel quick release for ease of entering and exiting the vehicle.

- Italian made high quality black suede material with red cross stitching

- Comes with steering wheel cover to protect the steering wheel from long term UV damage from the sun

- Steering wheel is considered light weight under just about 3.50lbs with horn button

- All P2M competition steering wheel comes with horn button included for ground trigger horn setups