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P2M Front Lower Control Arms 1991-2000 Lexus SC300/400

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P2M FLCA is constructed from S45C metal alloy for strength and rigidity. For track and drifters in mind, the FLCA collaborate the adjustment in roll center and suspension camber geometry with coilover system.

The FLCA is also a great replacement for the worn stock lower arms typically found on the MKIV Supra and Lexus SC300/400 after years of deterioration. All P2M pillowball bearings are 3pc teflon lined bearing which are very durable for long-term reliability.

  • Constructed from S45C metal alloy
  • 3pc teflon lined bearing which are very durable for long-term reliability

Please Note: Please DO NOT confuse this front lower control arms with front wheel camber adjustment. Stock arms are 355mm length center to center while P2M front lower arms are spec to be 360mm length max. When installing the FLCA please adjust the length to be the same as your stock arm. DO NOT over extend the front lower arms for negative camber excessively beyond factory setting. One should use our P2M front upper control arms for extreme negative camber adjustment while using our lower arms to supplement the suspension geometry dial in. Over extending the front lower arms to achieve negative camber without the use of adjustable upper will RISK pulling the pillow ball out from the arm which is very dangerous.