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P2M Nissan S14/15 SR20DET Thermal Guard Intake Manifold Gasket

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- Proprietary sourced fiber material with excellent thermal barrier properties
- 3mm thickness / precision CNC cut to spec
- Gasket material can withstand up to 220 deg. C (428 deg. F)
- Controlled testing showed a standard average deviation of 10 deg. Celsius between intake plenum and cylinder head
- Under certain circumstances depending how the engine operates, the deviation can be more than 10 deg. Celsius.
- The gasket act as a thermal barrier between the cylinder head and intake manifold, keeping the intake plenum cooler
- By keeping the intake plenum cooler allows denser air to enter the engine combustion chamber to make more consistent power without heat soaking the intake plenum and charged air.
- Kit comes with high temp gasket maker to apply around the intake ports and coolant passage on both sides of the gasket to ensure air tight seal