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P2M Oversized Stainless Oil Pan w/ Baffle Door Nissan S13/14/15 SR20DET RWD

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P2M oversized oil pan was developed for drift and circuit racing where intense G-Force in both vertical and horizontal direction can cause oil starvation to the motor. This over sized oil pan allows extra 600cc capacity of oil and at the same time with built in 2 partition swing plate works to prevent oil sloshing to the side to stable oil pressure to the engine. Constructed of full stainless plate and precision tig welding and comes with an extra 1/8pt oil temperature port and P2M magnetic oil drain plug.

  • Full stainless plate
  • Precision tig welding
  • 1/8pt oil temperature port
  • P2M magnetic oil drain plug
  • Prevents oil starvation to the motor
  • Allows extra 600cc capacity of oil
  • Prevents oil sloshing to the side