RPS Carbon Brakes for the Nissan R35 GT-R has been used extensively by customers of ours competing in Global Time Attack and various drag race and half mile events. Results have been nothing less than exceptional. 

RPS Brakes are made from real carbon-carbon material and not carbon-ceramic. The manufacturing process used by RPS is so unique and economical it has received a US Patent. Real carbon-carbon is used in Formula One, Le Mans, and Top fuel and Funny Car drag racing - not carbon-ceramic.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are becoming more popular on performance cars because compared to steel rotors, they weigh less and their surface has a longer wear life. Also compared to real carbon-carbon their production time is a couple of days versus many months These are built for motor sports in mind. These rotors and pads weigh significantly less, cutting a total of 72lbs of rotational weight for all four corners combined. Built to work with the GT-R OEM Calipers.

Set includes front and rear rotors, rings, hardware and brake pads. If not in stock, these take 6-8 months to manufacture upon ordering. No returns are to be accepted after manufacturing has begun.