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Works Bell Rapfix GTC R - Black

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Note: Will not fit Works Bell Short or Standard Hubs. This GTC R is for RACE Applications ONLY. If you are unsure if this will work for you, please contact us first.

This product is developed for the race, in which driver changing takes place. Instead of attaching and detaching the Quick Release products, bouncing the steering wheel (tilt up) is much easier to complete driver-changing action. In order to meet the need, we renew the Rapfix GTC which was released for cars designed for street use to Rapfix GTC-R as a special parts used for competition.

We also designed a new big lever for the GTC-R. Pull this big lever and tilt up the socket of steering wheel side from the plug in car side. Suspend function for stopping at any angles and hold function for avoiding lever operation during tilting down are equipped. Tilting down the steering wheel can complete locking. Precision steel balls can fit the two holes grooved in the plug and the taper holes set up in the socket. Perfect combination is finished by the power of coil spring loaded on the sleeve arm.

By using the Ball Lock System, smooth hinge action and lock without shakiness are realized. The precision steel balls used for ball bearing fit the two holes grooved in the plug attached on the car side. It is locked definitely without any shakiness when tilting down. Rapfix GTC solved the problem of shakiness and play by using the Ball Lock System. Therefore, it plays a big part in the driver’s severe steering wheel operation.

It is developed especially for competition cars. Three PCD50.8mm M5P0.8 screw holes are stored in the installation side of the plug that is attached to the car side. The same Six PCD50.8mm M5P0.8 tap holes are stored in the installation side of the steering wheel. Two electric points are set up for option in order to correspond to various electric functions. Furthermore, wiring is set up on the installation side of the steering wheel in order to fulfill the convenience.

The NAPAC standard test (a standard for after market products in Japan) has been done. A screwing test was done to check the operation of steering wheel to radial power. There was not any change in the shape after being pounded by dead loads of 29.7kg.m (291N.m). Moreover, there was not any change in the shape after a bending test of dead loads of 19.8kg.m (194N.m) in order to examine the effect when a driver impacts the top of the steering wheel in an accident.

According to the results of these tests, although the bending test caused the permanent transformation, it is possible to tilt up. Furthermore, the screwing test based on regulation loads did not cause any problems. Also, in order to know the limitation of tilting up, bending loads 38kg.m (372N.m) was given, although it stretched a lot, it was not broken and it is still possible to operate.

Moreover, 30,000 times of tilting up and tilting down operation in order to check the endurance were down in our factory. We confirmed that it is possible to operate 30,000 times without changing parts although it is necessary to smooth the parts with oil during the test.